Escape the Horror: Foolproof Granny Walkthrough Strategies in 2024

Welcome to our ultimate Granny walkthrough, where we provide you with comprehensive strategies and tips to help you master this thrilling horror game on both iOS and Android platforms. With our detailed guide about the Granny horror game, you’ll be able to navigate the game’s rooms, utilize items effectively, and outsmart Granny herself. Let’s dive in.

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Granny Horror Game Overview

Granny is a bone-chilling mobile game that takes you on a suspenseful journey where you must escape from a creepy house while avoiding Granny, the formidable antagonist. Your objective is to gather clues, solve puzzles, and unlock hidden passages to ultimately find your way out.

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Room Navigation and Hiding Spots

In this section, we’ll discuss each room you’ll encounter in the game and provide insights on the best hiding spots to stay safe from Granny’s watchful eyes. Here are some of the key rooms you’ll come across:

Living Room

The Living Room serves as the central hub of Granny’s house. It contains various items and furniture that can be utilized to your advantage. Remember to check under the sofa, behind the curtains, and inside the drawers for essential items and clues.


The Kitchen is an important room where you’ll find several useful tools and ingredients. Keep an eye out for the crowbar, which can open locked doors, and the tranquilizer dart, which temporarily immobilizes Granny.


The Bedroom is your haven, where you can hide and plan your next moves. Look for secret passages, hidden compartments, and wardrobes that offer ideal hiding spots. Be cautious not to make any noise that could alert Granny to your location.


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The Basement is a dark and treacherous area filled with eerie secrets. Use your flashlight to navigate through the darkness, but be careful not to waste its battery life. Explore thoroughly to uncover valuable items, such as the shotgun or the car engine parts.

Essential Items and Their Uses

To increase your chances of survival, it’s crucial to gather and utilize the right items strategically. Here are some essential things and their uses within the Granny Horror Game:

Teddy Bear

The Teddy Bear is not only a comforting companion but also a vital tool for distracting Granny. When thrown, it will divert her attention, giving you a chance to sneak past her or complete an objective.

Cutting Pliers

Cutting Pliers are essential for removing wires and disabling traps. Use them wisely to access new areas and uncover hidden paths.

Car Keys

Finding the Car Keys is a crucial step toward escaping Granny’s house. Once you have them, locate the car and assemble all the necessary parts to make your escape.

Advanced Strategies for Survival

You’ll need to employ advanced strategies and tactics to outsmart Granny and successfully complete the game. Here are a few tips to enhance your survival skills:

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Silent Movement

Granny has an acute sense of hearing, so moving silently is critical to avoiding detection. Crouch to reduce noise and walk slowly when necessary. Remember, one wrong step can cost you your life.

Distraction Techniques

Use noise to your advantage by throwing objects or knocking over items in a different part of the house. This will draw Granny’s attention away from your location, allowing you to progress without being caught.

Timing and Patience

Mastering the art of timing and exercising patience is vital in Granny Horror Game. Observe Granny’s patterns, learn her behaviors, and strike when the time is right. Rushing into action without proper planning can lead to dire consequences.

Some Pro Tips about Granny Horror Game

You can unleash your true potential with these pro tips:

Shotgun Strategy

Once you’ve obtained the shotgun, use it wisely. A well-aimed shot can temporarily incapacitate Granny, allowing you to explore or complete objectives without fear of immediate danger.

Multiple Escape Routes

Granny is relentless, and she will learn your hiding spots over time. To counter this, always have a backup plan and multiple escape routes. Stay one step ahead by diversifying your strategies.

Difficulty Levels

If you’re looking for an additional challenge or a more relaxed experience, don’t forget to explore the various difficulty levels available. Each level presents its unique obstacles and rewards.


With our ultimate Granny walkthrough, now you possess the knowledge and strategies needed to surpass your competitors and outmaneuver the existing article. By mastering room navigation, utilizing essential items effectively, and employing advanced survival strategies, you’ll conquer the game and emerge victorious. Stay alert, be cunning, and don’t let Granny catch you! Good luck on your spooky journey!

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