Tekken 3 APK Download 50 MB 2024 (All Players) Free for Android

Tekken 3 APK Download 50 MB, a timeless classic in the realm of fighting games, continues to captivate players with its intense battles, diverse roster of characters, and immersive gameplay experience. Now, with the advent of technology, you can delve into the adrenaline-pumping world of Tekken 3 right from the palm of your hand, thanks to the Tekken 3 APK, a compact 50 MB download that brings the excitement of this iconic game to your mobile device.

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App Name Tekken 3 APK Download 50 MB
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Updated3 Days Ago
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With compact size (Tekken 3 APK 50MB), the Tekken 3 APK offers the perfect solution for enthusiasts who crave the thrill of Tekken 3 on the go without compromising on quality or performance. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the series, this APK provides an accessible gateway to the action-packed universe of Tekken. You may also love to download Tekken 3 APK 42 MB or Tekken 3 APK 100MB.

Features of Tekken 3 APK Download 50 MB

Attractive Graphics

The Tekken 3 APK boasts visually appealing graphics that enhance the overall gaming experience. From intricately detailed character models to vibrant and dynamic backgrounds, every aspect of the game is designed to immerse players in its captivating world. The graphics contribute to the realism of the fights, making each battle feel intense and exhilarating.

Easy to Play

One of the standout features of the Tekken 3 APK is its accessibility. The game is designed with simplicity in mind, ensuring that players of all skill levels can easily pick it up and start enjoying the action. Whether you’re a seasoned fighting game enthusiast or a casual player, the intuitive controls and straightforward gameplay mechanics make Tekken 3 a breeze to play, allowing you to focus on the excitement of the battles without any unnecessary complexity.

Practice Mode

Tekken 3 APK offers a Practice Mode, allowing players to hone their skills and master the game’s mechanics at their own pace. Whether you’re looking to perfect your combos, learn new techniques, or familiarize yourself with a specific character’s moveset, Practice Mode provides a safe and controlled environment for experimentation and improvement. This mode is invaluable for players who want to sharpen their abilities before taking on more challenging opponents in the main game modes.

A Number of Characters

One of the defining features of Tekken 3 is its diverse roster of characters, each with their own unique fighting styles, special moves, and personalities. The Tekken 3 APK includes a wide selection of characters to choose from, ranging from iconic fan favorites to newcomers to the series. Whether you prefer the brute strength of characters like Paul Phoenix and King, the agility of fighters like Hwoarang and Xiaoyu, or the mystical abilities of characters like Yoshimitsu and Jin Kazama, there’s a character for every playstyle and preference.

Online and Offline Playing Mode

Tekken 3 APK offers both online and offline playing modes, allowing players to enjoy the game whether they’re connected to the internet or not. In offline mode, players can battle against AI opponents or compete against friends in local multiplayer, while online mode enables players to test their skills against opponents from around the world in thrilling online matches. Whether you’re looking for a solo experience or craving the excitement of competitive multiplayer, Tekken 3 APK has you covered with its versatile playing modes.

System Requirements for Tekken 3 APK Download 50 MB

  • Operating System: Android 4.0.3 and above
  • Processor: Dual-core 1.2 GHz or higher
  • RAM: 1 GB or higher
  • Storage: 100 MB of free storage space
  • Graphics: Adreno 305 or equivalent
  • Network: Required for online multiplayer mode (Wi-Fi or mobile data)
  • Permissions: Access to storage, network, and device ID required for installation and gameplay

These system requirements ensure smooth performance and optimal gameplay experience for Tekken 3 APK on compatible Android devices. Devices meeting or exceeding these specifications should be able to run the game effectively without encountering significant issues.

FAQs for Tekken 3 APK Download 50 MB

What is Tekken 3 APK?

Tekken 3 APK is a mobile version of the classic fighting game Tekken 3, optimized for Android devices. It allows players to enjoy the intense battles and diverse characters of Tekken 3 on their smartphones or tablets.

Is Tekken 3 APK free to download?

Yes, Tekken 3 APK is available for free download. However, some versions may offer in-app purchases for additional content or features.

What are the system requirements for Tekken 3 APK?

The system requirements for Tekken 3 APK typically include an Android device running version 4.0.3 or higher, a dual-core processor clocked at 1.2 GHz or higher, 1 GB of RAM, and at least 50 MB of free storage space.

Can I play Tekken 3 APK offline?

Yes, Tekken 3 APK offers offline gameplay modes where you can battle against AI opponents or engage in local multiplayer matches with friends. However, online mode requires an internet connection for multiplayer matches.

How many characters are available in Tekken 3 APK?

Tekken 3 APK features a diverse roster of characters, including both classic favorites and new additions, providing players with a wide range of fighting styles and abilities to choose from.

Is Tekken 3 APK compatible with all Android devices?

Tekken 3 APK may not be compatible with all Android devices, especially older models or those with lower hardware specifications. It’s recommended to check the system requirements before downloading to ensure compatibility.


Tekken 3 APK Download 50 MB brings the legendary fighting game experience of Tekken 3 to your Android device in a convenient and optimized package. With its attractive graphics, easy-to-play mechanics, and diverse roster of characters, Tekken 3 APK offers thrilling battles and intense gameplay moments for players of all skill levels.

Whether you’re practicing your moves in offline mode, challenging friends in local multiplayer, or testing your skills against players worldwide in online mode, Tekken 3 APK delivers the excitement of the classic arcade game right to your fingertips. Download now and dive into the world of Tekken 3 wherever you go!

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